Monday, October 14, 2013

Navpad Mandal and Ashtapad Poojan at Neminath temple

Sri Vimal Singh Nowlakha has been sponsoring Navpad Mandal and Ashtapad Poojan at Neminath temple on October 18 and 19 respectively. Azimganj Sri Sangh used to organize Navpad Mandal Poojan on the last day of Navpad Oli at Sri Neminath Temple.

Sri Harakh Chand Roomal of Azimganj has innitiated Navpad Mandal Poojan at this temple many years ago. It has been continuing since then without break. The Sangh organizes this auspicious event on Sharad Poornima, last day of Navpad Oli every year with enthusiasm. It is worth noted that Sri Nowlakha, Grand son (Maternal) of Sri Roomal Ji is sponsoring the event on the auspices of Oli Parne of his wife.

There will be Ashtapad Poojan too on the next day, October 19. This Poojan will be organized after many years at Azimganj. There is great enthusiasm regarding both the Poojas.

People of Azimganj are enthusiastic about Navpad Oli and Mandal Poojan since time immemorial. They organize Mandal Poojan in the best way in India. It is great celebration.

I will be joining these events and perform both the Poojas. Suraj has arranged for every thing and I am grateful to him to provide me such opportunity.

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