Shaharwali is a distinguished society in Murshidabad living mainly in the twin cities of Azimganj and Jiaganj. The society is renowned among all Jain societies for its vibrant culture, education, Raisi, religiousness and several other attributes.

Shaharwali society is mainly consist of Oswal and few Shrimal, clans of Swetambar Jain. There are large numbers of Jain  temples and Dadabadi built by the Shaharwali community in Azimganj, Jiaganj, Mahimapur in Murshidabad and in several other places in India including pilgrimage Centers of Palitana, Sammet Shikhar, Pawapuri, Kshatriyakund, Barakar etc.

The community has built several schools and colleges in Azimganj, Jiaganj and Lalbagh. They have also contributed in health sector building hospitals and charitable dispensaries.

There were large numbers of renowned families and persons who have contributed a lot towards their society and the Nation at large.

Most of the residents of Murshidabad are living now elsewhere. I have provided some information about them too. Large numbers of Shaharwali people live in Kolkata who have formed Murshidabad Sangh in the capital city of West Bengal.

This blog contents information and issues related to Shaharwali society of Azimganj- Jiaganj- Murshidabad.

Azimganj Sri Sangh,                                                 
Sri Neminath Swami temple,                                            
P.O. Azimganj, District: Murshidabad                          
West Bengal (India)                                                        
PIN Code: 742122 
Jiagan Sri Sangh
Sri Sambhavnath Swami Temple,
P.O. Jiaganj, District: Murshidabad
West Bengal (India)
 PIN Code: 742123