Friday, June 27, 2008

Murshidabad, The place of Nawabs

The historical city of Murshidabad was founded by Nawab Mursheedcoolie Khan, the Subedar of Bengal. He founded it as his capital of Bengal in the period of Mogul Emperor Aurangzeb.

His friend Jagat Seth Manikchand accompanied him right from Delhi through Patna to Murshidabad. Jagat Seth started living in his Kothi in Nashipur near Murshidabad where he built a Parshvanath Jain temple. The temple was built in Kasauti (Gold taster) stone.

Nawab Mursheedcoolie Khan was followed by Nawab Alibardi Khan, Suzauddoula Khan and Sirazuddoula. Nawab Sirazuddoula was the last independent Nawab Of Murshidabad who was lost to Lord Clive in the battle of Plassey in 1757.

Murshidabad is a historical city. Hazarduari palace, Jahankosha and Bachchawali canon, Imamwada and tombs of Nawabs are the places worth to visit.

The place (200 KM from Kolkata) is wel connected by train and bus route.

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  1. Nawabs of Murshidabad are as famous as of Lucknow.
    Sirazuddola was the last independent Nawab who lost to British in battle of Plashi.