Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seemandhar Swami Choumukh Ji at Neminath temple, Azimganj

Choumukh Seemandhar Swami


 Choumukh Seemandhar Swami 
Missing Idol

Azimganj Sri Neminath temple is two storey. There is  Seemandhar Swami Gambhara in the first floor. An idol of the group of four is missing since many years. Perhaps it became khandit long back and removed. There is a need of installation of the missing idol.

I have repeatedly requested to install one since long times.

I am thankful to Mr. Sunil Churoria, secretary, Azimganj Sri Sangh, who has sent me thiese pictures today. 

He has told me to order for this idol (11 inches) to be built. I will do it as soon as possible. 

It is to be remebered that Acharya Padmasagar Suri was instrumental to huge unnecessary rennovations in Neminath temple. He urged at that time that there are many faults in its construction and Sangh reconstructed the temple at many places. 

However, he could not see this and another Khandit Pratima in Sri Navpad Ji (Crystal). Khandit idol of Navpad ji was replaced in auspiecies of Pujya Sadhwi Hempragyan Sri ji during her Chaturmas in Azimganj.

Now the Sangh will install this very idol of Seemandhar Swami. Thanks again to Mr. Sunil Churoria.

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