Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holi festival in Murshidabad

 Holi of Murshidabad Shaharwali society was an important and renowned event. Shaharwali society used to play Holi with great enthusiasm in both Azimganj and Jiaganj.

Holi, the festival of color had been enjoyed for a week in Murshidabad. It had been starting on the day of Falguna Shukla Ashtami (Eighth day of bright half in Indian lunar calendar) ending on Chaitra Krishna Pratipada (Ekam, first day of dark half in Indian lunar calendar).

Holi was a part of "Raisi" of Shaharwali society. They used Safron, rose water, Tesu (Herbal color) and other beautiful colors and Abir (Gulal) to play Holi. Pichkari (Piston like instrument to play Holi with liquid color). Pua and Pakodi were the special dishes along with Thandai (a soft drink). large number of people used to have some "Bhang" to enjoy.

"Holi ki sang" and "Holi ka Bhandu" were popular humor creating events of Murshidabad Shaharwali community. People had been enjoying "Holi ki barat" with humor and enjoyment. "Holi ki sail" or feast was also very popular those days.

Nirmal Kumar Singh Nowlakha, a famous Zemindar of Azimganj was very fond of Holi. many stories about him is famous about Holi.

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