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Marital relations of Panachand Nanakchand Kothari family

Pana Chand Nanak Chand Kothari family is one of the renowned families in Azimganj, Murshidabad. It was not very rich according to Shaharwali status. However, the family carried reputation because of their religious and social standings.

The widow of late Pana Chand Kothari came from Rini (Tara Nagar) along with his son Nanak Chand. He was only five at that time. Golechha family was the richest Shaharwali family at that time.  Nanak Chand Kothari was married to a girl born in Harakchand Golechha family. They built Chhote Shantinathji temple and installed complete Chouveesi made of gemstones. This was the only Chouveesi that was made of precious and semi-precious gemstones among entire Shwetambar sect. The Golechha family also took charge of Sammet Shikhar from Jagat Seth family.

Kamalapat Kothari, son of Nanak Chand was married to a girl from famous Dhanpat Singh Dugar family. He was married to his granddaughter. The renowned Dugar family was the most famous, rich and religious family of that time.

Chandra Pat Kothari, eldest son of Kamalapat Kothari was married to adopted daughter of Motichand Nakhat. Mr. Nakhat was a partner at famous gems and Jewelry group Labhchand Motichand. Nakhat family built a temple in Faizabad and a Dharamshala in Kolkata at Kalakar street. Vijaymati, youngest daughter of Kamalapat Kothari was married in Jagat Seth family (Seth Sobhag Chand) of Mahimapur.

Samarendrapat Kothari, eldest son of Chandra Pat Kothari was married to daughter of Mohanlal Mahamwal, famous jeweler in Kolkata and Dhirendrapat Kothari, youngest son was married to the daughter of Fateh Singh Mookim of renowned Rai Badridas Bahadur family who built world famous Parasnath temple and garden.

It is strange coincidence that at least one person from every generation has marital relation with a family who built a Jain temple and instrumental in saving or managing pilgrimage center Sammet Shikhar.

I, Jyoti Kothari am proud to belong to this family and I am also married to a family who built a temple in Ashta, MP. And all of you know that presently I am secretary Khartar Gachchh Sangh, Jaipur and getting an opportunity to manage eleven temples and five Dadabadis including Malpura.

Famous people from Murshidabad Shaharwali society

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