Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shaharwali society in facebook

I have got few beautiful posts in facebook page of Azimganj-Jiaganj and posted these here with references. I hope people will enjoy.

MAZUM KA BARFI ---Narrated by Mr. Bimal Singhji Nowlakha 

MAZUM ka BARFI. Saharwali peapole, decades ago are well versant with it . Mazum ka Barfi made in MARBLE HOUSE ( the house of BHURU BABU) was famous for its excellent taste ,texture and a hilarious joyful mild nasha (intoxicant).Bhuru Babu used to make it at Holi season only. The process of making the Mazum ka Barfi is very gruesome laborious and need special care in processing. Many people till remember it.
Here are revelation of Devi Pandey (Bhuru Babu’s Cook ) about the process and ingredients for making it.
One need to pluck Bhang leafs from its plant in the just evening (Godhuli) of Maghi Purnima complete nakedly , then the leaves are carefully washed in water, to be dried in sunlight then the leaves were to be boiled in a copper pot. first boiled water to be drenched out and again the Bhang leaves were be puted in fresh cow milk and boiled for some time , drench out Bhang leaves the milk be putted on earthen pots for making Curd (Dhai) next step is to get butter from the curd and make Ghee.
The next process is to put Chana Dal in water for five hours , drench it out and make paste either in Silla or in crusher, the paste than be putted on Karhai (pot made from either Mixed Bell Metal or of Brass) the paste need to be fried in very low temperature mixing the ghee earlier received. When it become little brown MAWA (Khoya) need to be added and stair for some time to be properly cooked and sugar need to be added lastly. Bhuru Babu use to add Kesar (Saffron) cardamom crush and rose water. The hole processed lump need to putted on Thali (Plate) to make even and to cut into Barfi.

Dharmesh Boyed

I remember my Nanaji (Sri Bimal Singji Nowlakha) told that there was 2 Bajras, one belong to the Bari Kothi (House of Sri Noba kumar singh ji & Jay Kumar Singhji Dudhoria and the other belongs to Sri Nirmal Kumar singh ji Nowlakha and there was one Banwalia (smaller version of Bajra) belongs to Sri Kishore Singh ji Srimal well known as Bhuru Babu. Bajra is a kind of House Boat (smaller than the Kashmiri house boat and are mainly seen in the Ganges & Yamuna river one can view it at Banaras.)He told that it may possible to find photo of these with Sri Sidharth ji Dudhoria, Sudipji Dudhoria and from Sri Sashi Kantji Nowlakha,Padam Singhji Srimal. In the nineteen fifties Sri Rajendra Singh ji Singhee has brought one small speed house boat.He also remember that once a sea aero plane has landed in the ganga river and news was that Managing Director of Bird & Co has came in that plane to visit their Jute purchasing agency at Cossimbazar. At 1940 to 1955 Steamers used to play frequently in Ganges. The Zamindars used to erect Bamboo fencing all along the River bank from the Kathaltalla to the house of Khem chand ji Choraria at Fhatak at the time of Barsat(rainy season) It was a very charming & eye catching to view the Ajim ganj side of the river banks while coming from North Bor –Nagar side. He also told that in the Ninteen fourties FIRST Division Football Tournament were held at Victoria Ground belongs to Nowlakhas and the Shield Nown as Nowlakha Shield Many famous teams like Mohan Bagan East Bengal played there.ONE Sri Narendra singh ji Boyed (Tuklu Bhai) used to play as Goalkeeper in Mohanbagan.

I request all that if any photography is available, please bring into light.
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