Friday, May 8, 2015

Pana Chand Nanak Chand Kothari family of Azimganj

Pana Chand Nanak Chand Kothari family is among famous and renowned families of Azimganj. Widowed wife of late Pana Chand Kothari brought her young son Nanak Chand from Rini (Presently Tara Nagar) in Rajasthan with her to Azimganj. Nanak Chand was only 5 at that time. Perhaps some family members (Cousins?) were already residing at Azimganj at that time and the widow of late Pana Chand Kothari was called by them.

Nanak Chand Kothari was married to a girl from famous Harakh Chand Golechha family and had three sons 1. Nihal Chand Kothari 2. Kamala Pat Kothari 3. Tarachand Kothari. Nihal Chand Kothari was married in Raja Bijoy Singh Dudhoria family and had no son but only daughters. Kamlapat Kothari was married to the daughter of Narpat Singh Dugar of famous Dugar family in Azimganj.

He had four sons 1. Chandra Pat Kothari 2. Champa Pat Kothari 3. Narendra Pat Kothari and 4. Jitendra Pat Kothari. Late Sri Narendra Pat Kothari was a freedom fighter and was elected as Vice-Chairman, Jiaganj-Azimganj Municipality. Tara Chand Kothari, youngest son of Nanak Chand was married in Bachchhawat family and had four sons 1. Abhay Chand 2. Rikhab Chand 3. Padam Chand and 4. Vimal Chand Kothari.

The Kothari family was known for their religious activities, knowledge, and devotion to Jain religion.

Most of the family members are residing nowadays outside Azimganj especially in Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ganpatganj etc in India. Some of the family members are residing out of India.

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