Friday, October 29, 2010

Launching Murshidabad Heritage Development Society

PP Rashtra Sant Acharya Padamsagar Suri Ji Maharaj will formally launch Murshidabad Heritage Development Society at 02:30 PM on 31/10/10 at Jain Dadabari, 29 Badridas Temple Street and PP Sadhvi Shri Shashi Prabha Shree  Ji will bestow her blessings.

People of Murshidabad believe that this will be proved as a big step towards development of Azimganj, Jiaganj and Murshidabad. Both West Bengal state and the Central Government of India will be involved in this projest.

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  4. That's good...small towns like Azimganj, Jiaganj and Murshidabad will get a big boost and economical status of people will also improve. This will also enhance the employment opportunities for locals.

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  6. I think peoples of Murshidabad were right. Launching Murshidabad heritage development society is leading towards development of Azimganj, Jiaganj and Murshidabad. Thanks