Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pujya Sadhu and Sadhwi Maharaj from Azimganj-Jiaganj

I have collected some information about Sadhu and Sadhwi Maharaj from Azimganj-Jiaganj. These are neither complete nor accurate. I urge everybody from Shaharwali society to correct and complete this info by providing any info including photograph and video.

Mr. Pradyot Sethia S/ O Shri Keshrichand Sethia has provided some useful information and I am thankful to him for the same.

1. Sadhu Ramanik Sagar Ji Maharaj from Bishan Chand Bachchhawat Family of Azimganj. He is not alive.His guru is unknown to me.

2. Acharya Padma Sagar Suri Ji Maharaj, (Azimganj) disciple of Acharya Kalyan Sagar Ji (Acharya Buddhi Sagar Suri Singhara, Tapagachchha)

3. Shree Teju babu Dugar’ s son (Name unknown to me) Sadhu Sudarshan Kirti Sagar Ji Maharaj, desciple of Acharya Charukirti Sagar Ji (Acharya Buddhi Sagar Suri Singhara, Tapagachchha)

4. Sadhwi Charuyasha Shree Ji Maharaj (Kumari Mala Dugar) sister of Mr. Arun and Mr. Barun Dugar of Jiaganj. She is in Acharya Arihant Siddha Suri Singhara of Tapagachchha.

5. Sadhwi Shraddhanwita Shree Ji maharaj (Shraddha Lodha- d/o Shrimati Sheela and late Shri Ishwar Chand lodha of Kolkata), Disciple of Sadhwi Shri Shashiprabha Shri Ji Maharaj of Khartargachchha. Shrimati Sheela is daughter of late Shri Dhirendra Pat and Shrimati Kusum Kumari Kothari of Azimganj. She is disciple of Sadhwi Shashiprabha Sri Ji maharaj in Khartar Gachchh..

6. Sadhu Shri Het Vijay ji lived in Jiaganj for a long time till his death.

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  1. Sadhwi Shraddhanwita Shree Ji is daughter of my Bhua Smt. Shila Lodha.
    Darshan Kothari