Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Varshi Tap parna of Rashmi at Hastinapur




Rashmi Rakhecha performed Varshi Tap at an early age. Her Parna happened in Hastinapur today on the eve of Akha Teej. She is a religious minded young female. Her maternal house is in Azimganj.

Rashmi, Bangaluru is daughter of Sri Abhaychand and Smt. Prabha Bothra, Kolkata. Mrs Prabha Bothra is daughter of late Sri Abhaychand Kothari at Azimganj and sister of Sri Nirbhaychand, Shitalchand and Premchand Kothari.

She performed Ekantar Upavas for more than two years required to complete Varshi tap. Her austerity and penance is admirable.We wish all the best to her.

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