Sunday, May 13, 2012

Representatives for Shaharwali blog

Dear Readers,
 It is high time now that we have "Representatives" from different geographical regions who can send news reports and  propagate Shaharwali blog. The representatives will greatly help to unite Shaharwali community and keep them updated with latest activities. They will also help keep our rich culture alive among community members.

As you know this blog has completed 46 months of its journey. The blog is very popukar among Shaharwali society and people interested about Shaharwali Jain Samaj. The blog Azimganj-Jiaganj-Murshidabad contents large numbers of topics and issues related to Shaharwali. We have written about history, art & culture, temples, religion, rituals, language, food, persons, festivals, heritage, geography, migrations, social relationship and many other related topics. We have also included news, events and achievements.

I request interested and enthusiastic Shaharwali community members to join us as representatives. Their names will be displayed with their geographical location in "Representatives" page. Name of the representative will be published in the post he or she has contributed. Please mail me seeking representation.

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