Friday, July 5, 2013

Few important points for Shaharwali community book

There are few important points for Shaharwali community book, I want to put here. I am approaching to finish my writing and still need some important information. I am mentioning here those points and looking for input.

I heard that there were eight renowned politicians/ statesmen who represented in state or national assembly.  I have got five names so far e.g. Surpat Singh Dugar, Rajendra Singh Singhi, Rajpat Singh Dugar, Nabo Kumar Singh Dudhoria and  Bijay Singh Nahar. Pl info me if you know about any one else.

I read somewhere (Cannot remember where) that the river Bhagirathi was flowing like horse nail (Ashwakshurakriti) and the sand between two parts of river was called Baluchar. I urge you to confirm the same.

It is not clear to me whether Gaysabad and Dasturhat is the same place or different. I also want information about Shrimal family, their business, about Mansingh and Jalimsingh Shrimal. I need info about who established Padmaprabhu temple.

Was there any gems and Jewelery dealer in Shaharwali community in old time? Do any one know something about P C Nahata family who had their office in Paris, France?

Was their any relation with Asiatic society?

I heard about a person from Harakchand Golechha family who went to Mahavideha Kshetra with the help of Shashan Devi. He asked few questions to Seemandhar Swami and got answers. Can any one throw light on this matter?

Your answers will greatly help us in writing the book. We will be grateful to any information provider. I will gladly mention his or her name in this blog with the information. You can also help by supplying old images, news, documents and records etc.

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