Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Historical findings about Shaharwali society

Historical findings about Shaharwali society

We have found several historical evidences about Shaharwali community while researching for our new publication. Dr. Shiv Prasad, Jain historian has become instrumental in finding these information. 

1. Learned Jain yati Sri Gyansar (Khartar Gachh) wrote a travel description about Bengal in 19th century (1816 AD). There is a small description of Murshidabad along with the Jain society residing here.

2. We found some details about Navpad Mandal in Bikaner while studying biography of Yati Sri Gyansar by famous historian Sri Agarchand Nahata. We can assume that Navpad Mandal Poojan is brought to Azimganj from Bikaner. All of us know that Shaharwali community is closely connected with Sri Poojya of Bikaner for all religious issues.

3. We found a letter written by Sri Poojya Sri Saubhagya Suri in 1840s. He wrote the letter from Azimganj to Bikaner Bada Upashray. I have heard from the elders that Shaharwali community supported Sri Saubhagya Suri in a dispute with Mahendra Sagar Suri. Finally, with the support of Shaharwali Jain Sri Saubhagya Suri couldinherrit the seat of Sri Poojya at Bada Upasra, Bikaner. I also heard that close relationship with Sri Poojya was started from his time. A letter written from Azimganj, which we found recently is a clear evidence of Chaturmas of Sri Poojya Sri Saubhagya Suri at Azimganj.

4. Sri Agarchand Nahata had also written about a valuable gift of Jagat Seth to a Paychann Gachh yati of Bikaner. Gifted gemstone was so valuable that Maharaja of Bikaner wanted to have it forcefully. Intervene of Yati Gyansar restricted him to do so and the gift remained with the Yati.

5. We are now studying "History of Murshidabad", published in early 20th century. This book has descriptions about Nahar, Dudhoria and Jagat Seth families of Shaharwali community. Sri Prashant and Pradip Dudhoria of famous Rai Budh Singh Dudhoria family became instrumntal in getting this.

I urge everyone especially Shaharwalis to supply historic information to enrich the book. 

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