Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shaharwali Families in Bangaluru

There are some families in Bangaluru (Bangalore) who have been migrated from Murshidabad.

List below:
1. Pradip Churoria from Jiaganj
2. Pradip Mahnot from Jiaganj
3. Rajesh Khatore from Khagra Ghat
4. Arvind Dugar from Jiaganj
5. Rajesh Sethia from Azimganj
6. Nilesh Sethia from Azimganj

Bai Beti:

5. Ramesh Khariwal, son in law of Jaisingh Bachchhawat (Azimganj)
6. Sweta daughter of Arvind Dugar also live in Bangaluru.
7. Niranju Anchalia D/o Late Vimalchand Kothari of Azimganj.
8. Rajneesh Mookim Son-in law of Anil Nakhat of Jiaganj.
9 Kalpesh Lunkad S/o Sanju, Sanju is D/o Late Rikhab Chand Bothra of Jiaganj.

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Sri Neptune Srimal has informed:

Sunil Kumar son of Late Biraj Singhji Bothra lives in Bangalore. He has retired as the Deputy Director general of the Atomic Minerals Division. He was also awarded with the National Mineral Award for his role in the discovery of the Uranium deposit of Meghalaya. His son Anurag (wife payal) lives in Dallas.

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