Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shaharwali Families in Mumbai

Many Shaharwali families are now migrated to Mumbai (Bombay), the financial capital of India. Most of them are related to Gems and Jewelry business.

Here are some:
1. Sunil Chand Bothra S/o Parichand Bothra of Azimganj.
2. Dinesh Chand Bothra S/o Gambhirchand Bothra.
3. Arun Kothari S/o Bhanwarlal Kothari of Jiaganj.
4. Ramesh Bachchhawat S/o Pari Singh Bachchhawat
5. Rakes Bachchhawat S/o Pari Singh Bachchhawat
6. Biren Bachchhawat S/o Hari Singh Bachchhawat
7. Kushal and Aditya Lodha S/o Rajmal Lodha Grand son of Pratapmal Lodha

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Please help us in building these lists. If you know anyone of Shaharwali community in Mumbai or any other place please share with us.

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