Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pradyot Sethia (Naya Babu) breathed his last in Jaipur

Heartiest condolence for Pradyot Sethia (Naya Babu) who breathed his last in Jaipur on August 31, 2014. His Uthavna took place at Dadabadi, Moti Doongri road, Jaipur on September 2 evening. He was a Shaharwali from Azimganj and I express deepest condolence on behalf of the community. He was son of Sri Keshri Chandji Sethia popularly known as Mama Sethia.

Naya Babu was a man of simplicity and devoted to Jainism. He was class fellow of Acharya Sri Padmasagar Suri.  He used to go Azimganj for observing 9 days Ayambil in Navpad Oli.

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