Thursday, October 2, 2014

Puja at Kodamdesar temple at Azimganj on October 3

Kodamdesar temple at Azimganj

Kodamdesar Bhairav Ji, Kuldevata of Kothari family at Azimganj
Kodamdesar Bhairav Ji is Kuldevta of Kothari family of Azimganj. There was a small shrine of the Kuldevta where the Kothari ffamily used to worship their god. A new gorgeous looking temple was built in the place just few years back with contribution of the whole Kothari family. However, the family is indebted to Pradip Kothari, presently living in Hyderabad for his initiaves in building this temple.

Pradip Kothari S/O late Sri Padamchand Kothari has tremendous devotion to the god that inspires him to go Azimganj again and again. He will be organizing a grand Puja ceremony of Bhairav Ji, Kuldevata of Kothari family at Kodamdesar temple. The Puja will be organized on 3rd October, auspicious day of Maha Navami. This is fourth day of Navpad Oli and last day of Navratri.

Several family members will be joining the ceremony.

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