Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jain temple in Gaysabad- Dasturhat

There was a Shwetambar Jain temple in Gaysabad- Dasturhat in the last century. We have visited Gaysabad in 1977 and found a ruin. An old aged farmer informed us that that was a ruin of a Jain temple. I do not know what happened with that ruined temple.

I have found an old inscription that tells us about a temple in Dasturhat, 7 KM west from Azimganj. The inscription in an idol also informs that a member of Shaharwali community had performed Pratishtha of that idol. Gaysabad is on the opposite side of Dasturhat on the bank of river Bhagirathi.  It is possible that Gaysabad and Dasturhat are the same place and the inscription and the ruin are referring to the same Jain temple.

Sri Prakash Barnawat recently informed me that the Jain Tirthankar idols in Gaysabad were brought to Kiratbagh, Jiaganj by Maharaj Bahadur Singh Dugar. The idols are installed in Kiratbagh and these are there since that time.

It is possible that there was dense population of Shwetambar Jain (Shaharwali community) in Gaysabad and Dasturhat region in the last century. They may be shifted from there for some unknown reasons. At present there are no Jain population.

It is matters of investigation that whether the temple referred in Dasturhat and Gaysabad are the same? Whether there were a Jain population in these places? If yes, why Jain population were shifted from there? I am trying to answer these questions and urge people living at Azimganj and Jiaganj to physically verify the areas and try to find out the truth. I will be grateful to him or her who will inform me about this.

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