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Statesmen, freedom fighters and politicians from Shaharwali community

There were several prominent Statesmen, freedom fighters and politicians from Shaharwali community. They served well the nation India and the state of Bengal in their individual capacities. I can name Sri Surpat Singh and Sri Bhupat Singh Dugar, two real brothers from Rai Bahadur Dhanpat Singh family, as members of Cnetral legislative Counsel in British India. Sri Navkumar Singh Dudhoria, grand son of Rai Budh Singh Bahadur also adorned the same post. Sri Rajpat Singh Dugar from Laxmipat Singh Dugar family was elected as member of Rajya Sabha (MP) in independent India. I heard that Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India had recommended him for the seat. Jawaharlal Nehru admired his contribution and told him the most active member in the parliament.  Sri Rajendra Singh Singhi was elected as member of West Bengal legislative assembly (MLA) from Kaliachowk, Maldah.  

Sri Bijay Singh Nahar was the most prominent among all Statesmen and politicians from Shaharwali community. He elected as MLA in West Bengal legislative assembly several times and adorned chairs as Deputy Chief minister of WB, Home and labor ministers. He was also elected as Member of Parliament (MP) in Loksabha elections 1977. He was also elected general secretary of Janata party in 1977 and Chairman of Bihar Religious Board.

I heard that total number of eight persons represented in government but I could name only six. Please inform me about the rest two.

Large numbers of prominent persons from Shaharwali community were awarded with government titles such as Jagat Seth, Raja and Rai Bahadur. 

Sri Narendra Pat Singh Kothari was elected as vice-chairman and Sri Chandrapat Singh Kothari as commissioner of Jiaganj-Azimganj municipality. 

Sri Jagat Singh Lodha was a great freedom fighter and his idol is established at Lodha Park, Jiaganj. Sri Gulab Chand Bothra was also a freedom fighter. Ganpat Singh Dugar led a "Vidroh" against British government in the middle of nineteenth century.

Mahatma Gandhi visited Azimganj on the invitation of Sri Nirmal Kumar Singh Nowlakha. Sri Nowlakha donated a sum of Rs. 10,000 at the time of felicitation in his rose garden. Ten thousand was huge amount at that time. I heard that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose also visited Azimganj. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was a resident of Harawat estate, owned by Dugar family. Dugar family bore all expenses of his education. Similarly, they helped Loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan in various ways.

 Rai Bahadur Dhanpat Singh Dugar was instrumental in establishing Bengal chamber of Commerce and adorned the chair as founder president. Rai Badridas Bahadur Mookim of Johari Sath had joined him as founder secretary. It was the first Chamber of Commerce established in India.

Jiganj and Azimganj came under Lalbagh municipality. Sri Nirmal Kumar Singh Nowlakha donated a piece of land behind the Azimganj city Railway station to establish a new separate municipality. He also established a hospital near municipality and a girl's primary school. Some other Statesmen also contributed to public utilities. Most of the educational institutes in Jiaganj and Azimganj has been established with their contributions. 

Raja Bijay Singh Bidyamandir, Singhi school, Sripat Singh Dugar college and Rani Dhanya Kumari college of commerce at Jiaganj are contributions of Raja Bijay Singh Dudhoria, Singhi family and Sri Sripat Singh Dugar of Shaharwali community respectively. Recently, Subodh Chand Bothra has contributed to a B. Ed college in Jiaganj. Singhi family also established a high school in Lalbagh. 

There are Rai Budh Singh Bahadur primary and high schools at Azimganj established by Dudhoria family. Keshar Kumari belonged to Singhi family who was married to a boy of Dudhoria family. There is a girl’s high school at Azimganj in her name. 

Large numbers of Jain temples, Dadabadi, Dharamshala, Upashray, hospitals and dispensaries, educational institutes and other places of public utilities spreading India wide tell the stories of generosity of Shaharwali community. Sri Dhannulal Nowlakha also built a Shiva temple at Baranagar near Azimganj which is famous as Panchamukhi temple. 

Murshidabad was chosen for Pakistan because of its dense Muslim population at the time of partition. several reputed persons of Shaharwali community requested Lord Mountbatten, the then Governor General of India to reverse the order and to keep the district in India. It is also heard that they gifted an expensive Basra pearl string to lady Mountbatten to please her. Order was reversed with in a day. The nation India is indebted to those Shaharwali people  for their contribution to keep Murshidabad district in India. 

This list cannot be completed without naming Justice R S Bachchhawat. Sri Randhir Singh Bachchhawat was selected as Hon'ble justice of the Supreme court, the apex court in India. 

I have tried to list as many as I could remember or got information of. Please inform me if anyone important left. I also urge to correct any wrong information. Your contribution only can enrich this blog.

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