Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shaharwali boy updated KALQ Keyboard Android app in Google play

Shaharwali boy Darshan Kothari has updated KALQ Keyboard Android app in Google play. It is well known fact that he has launched world's first KALQ keyboard Android app and uploaded it in Google play store for free download. He launched the Android app on April 30. The latest updated version came on June 18, 2013.

Worldwide media reported this launch and several renowned websites including CNET have provided links to download the same. The app link has got 5 star user rating in CNET!  KALQ is a smarter keyboard to speed up typing in smart phones. Researches show that one can enhance his or her typing speed in this thumb based keyboard up to 85% than the older QWERTY key boards. Moreover, the app developed by Vardhaman Infotech led by Darshan Kothari has "Rupee" sign. Rupee sign is first time included in any keyboard in the world. Several other new features are also developed for better user experience.

Every technology requires updates. Continual development through researches is the key word in modern days' tech savvy environment. The new version of KALQ keyboard app is much more efficient than its older versions. It is compatible to more Android devices. Some errors in older versions are removed based on user complaints and few new features are added on the basis of user's reviews and suggestions.

Team of technical experts at Vardhaman InfotechJaipur, worked hard to bring the new version in the leadership of Darshan. They are still working on major development and we can expect even better versions. Those who have already downloaded the app can go to Google play store to update their Android application.

Apple does not allow an app developed by others. Hence, this app is not applicable in iPhones. Similarly it does not work in Blackberry. However, majority of smart phone users use Android phones and it is compatible to most of the Android mobile devices including tabs, fabs and smaller phones.

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