Monday, June 17, 2013

Murshidabad Shaharwali Literature

Shaharwali society of Murshidabad is an educated society and huge literature are created by, for and about them. The oldest script I found is by a Jain saint who wrote a Gazhal about cities in Murshidabad. It is an 18th century literature. " Pratap Singh Raso" is another old scripture by a Jain monk depicting life of Sri Pratap Singh Dugar, a Shaharwali who organized a Paidal Sangh to Palitana befor two centuries.

Rai Bahadur Dhanpat Singh Dugar was pioneer in publishing Jain Agam. Singhi Granthmala (Publication series) by Dalchand Bahadur Singh Singhi is renowned for their literary value. Babu Puran Chand Nahar was well known historian who collected and published Jain inscriptions. Similarly Puran Chand Samsukha also wrote several books. Mr. Bothra wrote Stavan Chouveesi. "Glimpses of Bengal" published in 1905 refers to life story of several Shaharwali personalities including two from Nahar family.

Jain Sadhus and Yatis created several texts living in Azimganj, Jiaganj, Baluchar and Mahimapur of Murshidabad. Shaharwali society patronized these creations. Yati Ramriddhisar, author of several Jain and medical books was also born in Murshidabad. Renowned publishers Tata Sons published Mr. Pradip Kothari's book on philately. Shaharwali Cook Book" by Murshidabad Heritage Development Society is latest addition to publications.

I heard that Dr. Rajendra Prasad, first President of India has referred Dugar family of Azimganj at several places. However, I have not yet seen those. If any one has any reference please inform me.

I am in process of collecting these literature and/ or references to these. Renowned Jain historian Dr. Shiva Prasad, Jain Research and Study Center, Jaipur has been helping me in this context. I request everyone to provide me with documents and references to literature related to Shaharwali society and Murshidabad.

As all of you know that I am writing this blog about Shaharwali society of Murshidabad for last five years, I am now motivated to write a book containing religion, history, culture, social structure, language and literature etc of the Jain society of Murshidabad.  I would love to incorporate relevant information in this book . Names of the information providers will be mentioned at appropriate places.

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